What is it that is fueling the rise of sports betting in Africa?

The extensive sports betting business in Africa is a worldwide force to be reckoned with, having grown to become a billion-dollar industry in recent years. Instead of a few years ago, when the sector included only of clandestine operations, in a nutshell, individuals involved are stigmatized; it is considered against religious views by many in Africa. But, despite this, the business has progressed slot from being associated with illegal activities to being a mainstream industry today, especially in sports betting, which is the primary choice of interest among the dominating youthful demographic. As a result, the Financial Technology (FinTech) institution, internet penetration, and ubiquitous mobile phones all contribute to the development of the industry. For our portion of the report, we conduct an in-depth analysis of what has fueled the development of sports betting in Africa and what is driving the penetration of sports betting in Africa.

The desire to play the game

Every region of the continent, including Africa, is seeing an increase in worldwide interest in sports on a daily basis. Football, in particular, is becoming a daily pastime for the younger generation in every town in the continent. The players’ enthusiasm for the game, as well as the enjoyment they get from it, is evident. Because of the rise of sports betting as a form of entertainment in Africa, the number of people who participate in sports betting has increased considerably. The typical young adult no longer participates in sports for the sake of participation, but rather for the chance to earn money via participation in such activities.

a group of African footballers

The exodus of African football players from their home leagues in pursuit of a global audience has been particularly important to the development of the industry in Africa. As a result, many of African players make their living primarily in the European football leagues.

In the old continent leagues, they have impact and have given grounds for the people’s love, where supporters may cheer for their local heroes in a situation where fans depend largely on television coverage to keep up with the performances of their countrymen. The young on the continent have also become increasingly interested in sports betting and gambling, as shown by the many advertisements produced by bookmakers to entice participants.

Mobile First Strategy is a strategy that prioritizes mobile devices.

The rapid increase in mobile phone usage in Africa has played a critical role in the broad acceptance of mobile online betting. As a consequence, mobile is playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of high-quality service experiences. As a result, operators are concentrating their efforts on recalibrating service delivery, creating mobile-first sites, and ensuring that elements that are available on desktop mode versions are also accessible through a mobile device and opera mini web, such as virtual gaming. It has been important for operators to embrace a mobile-first approach since mobile is the new standard for the younger generation in terms of carrying out everyday activities, which is also the new norm for players. Consider the following examples: comparing odds, watching live-streamed events, and following events as they occur while keeping track of the score; using mobile banking services (for example, PayPal); (mobile money). In essence, bookies have deliberately targeted the mobile compatibility of their service delivery in order to improve their overall customer satisfaction.

Affecting the Economic Situation

The economic condition in Africa is a critical factor in the expansion of sports betting in the continent. The continent is the second most populated on the planet after Asia. It boasts the world’s youngest population, despite the fact that it is predicted that one in every three people on the globe would arrive from Africa by 2100, despite the fact that the African demography has posed a significant problem in the case of individual nations. Corruption has made a mockery of the riches that each country has. As a result, the demand for everything from this young population, which is experiencing limited job opportunities, even those working to make ends meet, is insufficient to cover their monthly expenses, causing many to look for alternative sources of income outside of the formal economy to supplement their income. As a result, many people set aside their religious or political convictions in order to accept sports betting as an alternative. Internet, FinTech, and Telecommunications Companies

The development of digital infrastructure projects has fueled the expansion of the sports betting business in the area, which has witnessed an increase in internet usage in recent years. As an example, the effort of telecommunications firms to link Africa with fiber optic cable in order to offer cheap and high-quality internet service in collaboration with renowned technology giants such as Huawei and Google, among others, is noteworthy. The imminent deployment of 5G technology has strategically placed the continent while simultaneously grabbing the unserved and neglected people. The developments in the telecommunications and financial technology sectors have mostly influenced the sports betting business. Telecom allows for quick and simple access to the internet as well as banking services. The interchangeability of this service has had a major effect on the development of sports betting in Africa, which has been made possible by the use of a mobile phone. If you can access the internet and your financial institution from wherever you are, it becomes a more simple tool for players to place wagers on their favorite bookies from the comfort of their own homes or offices; you can even place wagers while traveling.

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