Bluffing with board texture by NextCasino

Board texture is maybe the most important aspect of Texas Hold’em online. Clique on a community card to get a list of possible hands and Many low-stakes gamblers grasp board texture superficially. They believe board pairings produce complete houses, three-suited cards constitute a flush, and high cards outnumber low cards.

In reality, each conceivable flip has its own set of hand distributions. Your opponents may overlook bluffing chances if you know distributions better than they do.

Perspective on board texture

Think of an Ace (diamonds), 8 (clovers), 3 (diamonds), 8 (clovers), and 3 (spades). Assume our opponents will play 40% of their cards preflop.

This is far more than theoretically true, but it is seen frequently in live games. On the A-8-3 flop, your opponents will flop top pair or better around 30% of the time. These figures tend to support the idea that tiny bluffs on the flip may beat a small field. Assume you have only one competition. If you bluff €30 into a €80 pot on the flop, you expect to win 40% of the time. If you are called, you can bluff €60 into the €160 pot and win 40% of the time.

Because you are offering yourself 2:1 odds, and your opponent is likely to fold more than 33% of the time, both bets indicate an almost instant profit. If you have three or four opponents, the chances of one of them having an ace increase. With three other players, and a 32.5 percent probability of flipping top pair or better, one of them will have an ace. You may bluff them on the flop.

Small stakes no-limit online poker players use easily exploitable methods. You don’t always need to look at your cards to beat them. So, what are the common blunders these guys appear to make? They are also playing too many hands pre-flop. Playing that many hands preflop leads to too many bad hands postflop. Whatever the flip brings, the hands will always bolster the ratio of folding hands, making bluffs more appealing.

Second, these players overestimate bets. These stakes are profitable with any two cards, so don’t overvalue them. Generally, modest stakes online poker players strike flips aggressively with weak cards to earn a profit. Statistically, it’s a bad move.

The good news is that in low stakes games, you can typically detect if bluffing a flop and turn is lucrative by glancing at the board texture and opponent count. You don’t need to know everything about your opponents, or even look at your hand. Play online poker at these reputable sites.

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