What are Africa’s Gambling Laws?

Global gaming is booming. Experts expect that the $59 billion market will almost quadruple in the next five years. But revenues aren’t evenly distributed, since each nation has its own set of laws and regulations limiting what may happen inside its boundaries.

In certain places, gambling is outlawed and no one is allowed to play, but others are more receptive and eager to embrace the And then there are the nuances.

Many governments worldwide have legalised gambling. The UK is one of the nations with the most permissive gambling laws. Poker, slots, sports betting, bingo, and lotteries are all available to UK gamers, both in-person and online. Bingo, a 60-year-old British custom, is a particular favourite. Originally played in big bingo halls, the game has regained appeal online. 888 Ladies Bingo, for example, has millions of members and new games start every few minutes. The bingo site also provides beginners several discounts and promotion packages so they can try it out before investing their own money.

The UK is open to the gambling sector, but it is not careless about it; all operators must be licensed, agree to comply by government laws, and pay taxes on their earnings. So the UK economy benefits and taxes are returned to the community. The arrangement is win-win and many other nations aspire to it. America is revisiting state gambling regulations, and several states have reacted by legalising sports betting and regulating internet gambling.

American gambling regulations vary by state, much as African gambling laws vary by country. Sudan, for example, has harsh Islamic rules that require anybody found betting to be publicly flogged. South Africa,

on the other hand, is a gaming tourist hotspot, with over 40 casinos scattered over 35 cities. It started legalizing casinos in 1996 to combat the issues generated by illicit gambling dens. Over 95% of South Africans play the lottery, and approximately 30% enjoy to play slots. If you enjoy poker, travel to Johannesburg, where the Emperor’s Palace hotel and casino often hosts worldwide poker tours like the WPT.

Kenya, the continent’s third-highest gambling revenue nation, has the second-most African casinos. Between 2009 and 2014, the casino business in Kenya increased in value. Sports betting is widespread here, particularly on English Premier League games, which are highly popular throughout the nation. With better internet connectivity and more Kenyans possessing smartphones, online sports betting has become the favored way for making bets. Due to foreign travel advisories, Kenya’s gaming income presently originates from its own citizens.

Morocco is a popular gaming destination in Africa. The Casino de Marrakesh opened in 1954, making it one of the continent’s oldest casinos. While most Muslims in the nation do not gamble, the government recognizes the value of the sector and has legalized all types of gambling, including internet casinos, to attract foreigners. Most Moroccan cities have contemporary casino resorts with classic casino games including blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and slot machines.

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