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Otobet Casino Review – Is it a Scam?

You will be welcomed when entering Otobet’s website with the company’s sleek white and gold logo, as well as a sequence of cycling pictures representing the company’s current deals and promotions. While other firms may choose a casino theme or use adorable characters to distinguish themselves, Otobet gives the impression of being a site that is aimed towards those who take their gambling and sports betting a bit more seriously.

In this aspect, the site depends less on visuals than many of its competitors, but it does not imply that it does not seem to be as professional. To the contrary, the straightforward and streamlined design of Otobet enables you to get right down to the meat and bones of your wagers and concentrate on what’s truly essential – trying to beat the house on your bets! Otobet provides its consumers with a plethora of options that go well beyond just online slots and games to entertain them. This sports and gambling supersite offers a variety of possibilities, including sports betting, a virtual casino, a live casino, and even binary options.

Who exactly is Otobet?

“To offer clients with pleasure at the best level while keeping strong secrecy and security requirements” is the aim of Otobet, which is owned by Repus Apud. Who could possibly disagree with such a wonderful aspirational goal?

The company, which was established in 1984, today has connected enterprises in 17 countries throughout the globe. The gaming machine market occupies a significant portion of the firm’s resources and attention, with the company selling high-tech gaming equipment to more than 40 countries in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. It also claims to use “the most advanced IT technologies,” which are unquestionably superior than the most recent generation of information technology (IT).

The firm’s games, slots, and virtual reality machines (or fixed odds betting terminals, if you prefer that name) have enabled it to continue and develop its business to a workforce of over 2000, but the company is also a force in the internet gaming sector. With their comprehensive gaming solution, they have grown to become one of the world’s leading operators of online casinos, with revenues exceeding $1 billion. The site’s gaming license is issued by Costa Rica, which has been widely criticized as an offshore gambling haven.

Money, Money, and More Money

Because Otobet is not expressly geared at the UK market (which is prohibited by a Costa Rican license), its headline offers and pricing are in Euros. However, in an age of internet money transfers and banking, this isn’t always a deal-breaker.

As the vast majority of players in the United Kingdom are well aware, now that the pound and the euro have almost achieved parity, calculating exchange rates is a simple process. One of the most significant positives of Brexit for the United Kingdom has been that it has made it considerably simpler to calculate the worth of your wins while playing on overseas gambling sites – so, remoaners, take that!

When it comes to actually paying for your wager, the alternatives are almost limitless. The following payment methods are accepted by Otobet: Skrill, TrustPay, Ukash, Moneta.ru (Russia), Yandex (Russia), WebMoney (Russia), Dotpay (Poland), Transferuj (Poland), and Neteller (Poland).

Bonuses and Deposits on Your First Deposit

Upon your initial sign-up with Otobet, you will get a 100% cash match up to the value of €175, which will be applied to your first deposit. This implies that if you join up with Otobet and deposit the whole €175 into your account, you will get an immediate bonus of €350 from them. Otobet offers a generous sign-up bonus, but if you’re considering of putting that money on a dead cert or hedge-betting, don’t bother since you’ll have to wager your bonus money at least eight times before you can cash it out. Furthermore, the rollover requirement must be met via sports betting rather than through the online casino.

For your second money deposit, Otobet additionally offers a loyalty bonus of €125, subject to the same terms and limitations as those listed above. Perhaps their most attractive bonus offer is the 110 percent reload bonus, which can be claimed at any time and is worth up to €250. This bonus can be claimed once and can be redeemed several times. When it comes to sports betting, the site gives bonuses for placing several bets, which they refer to as AKOs.

Three or four picks will increase your chances of winning by 5 percent, five or six events will increase your chances by 10 percent, and so on up to a maximum of ten selections would increase your chances of winning by 20 percent. As a result, Otobet’s promos are among the most lucrative available on the internet.

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