Slashimi: A Review of the Slot

Slashimi is a slot machine game from Play’n GO that may appeal to you if you prefer your cuisine in tidy little packages that you can pick up and devour in one bite. It’s a slot machine with a sushi bar/Japanese restaurant concept, which is also reflected in the game’s hallmark feature. This would be the Two-For-One dynamic, which splits symbols and comes with free spins in which players may select a sticky symbol from a list.

Slashimi is located in a style of restaurant where customers see a chef prepare their meal right in front of them. While there are establishments that go by the name “hibachi,” the one in Slashimi feels more like a little sushi bar than anything else. Clicking on the fish and tentacle hanging from the game’s logo on the right causes the tentacle to squirm away as if it were attempting to escape, making the backdrop partially interactive. How about some nice, crisp seafood? On the opposite side of the screen, a chef practices with his knife, and if ultra-relaxed ambient EDM is your thing, Slashimi’s music should set the scene nicely with its nearly aquatic ambience.

If you’re interested in trying out Slashimi, a medium-to-high volatility slot, you should check the game’s help page first to see if the RTP has been increased to the maximum of 96.2%. If everything checks out, you can next choose a wager between 10 pence and £/€100 every spin.

Slashimi’s game grid consumes a considerable portion of the space. It has 3 reels and 5 symbol positions on each reel by default. When playing with this setup, players have 125 possible winning combinations, regardless of the number of rows used. The lower-value symbols are 10 through A card symbols done up in a maki manner, while the higher-paying symbols are four sushi dishes with more intricate designs. When you have a winning combination, you’ll receive a payout of between 0.2 and 0.5 times your wager for the high payouts and 0.1x your wager for all of the card rank symbols. They’re not as impressive as wow, huge values, but the chopping and dicing functionality in Slashimi helps them out. The wild symbol appears on all three reels. If you get 3 wilds in a row, you win 1x your wager! Wilds can replace any pay symbol.

Features of the Slashimi Slot

Like a well-wrapped piece of sushi, slashimi is uncomplicated at its core yet with a refined sophistication in its details. The features are the Two-for-One and the free spins, to put it in less flowery terms.


A box, suspended over the head of the chef, reveals a different pay symbol with each spin. Each occurrence of the chosen symbol on the grid is divided in half whenever it appears. When calculating wins, each sign that has been split in half is treated as if it were whole. With this, the maximum number of ways is raised to 1,000.

Bonus Turns

If you get 3 of the wasabi blobs, you get 4 free games. Wasabi symbols that appear during free games trigger additional bonus spins. Players select one of the standard payout icons before the round begins. Whenever the selected symbol appears during the free spins round, it will be divided into two. In addition, during the free spins bonus, the selected symbols become sticky and remain in place.

Judgment in the Slot: Slashimi

Eating raw fish was formerly a very rare practice outside of Asia. However, it seems like there’s a sushi restaurant on every block these days. Numerous satisfied customers can attest to sushi’s meteoric growth in popularity outside of Asia. Don’t eat sushi twice a day like Jeremy Piven, an actor who had to cancel his Broadway performance because his mercury levels were nearly six times the highest permitted limit. By saying that Piven quit the theater to “pursue a career as a thermometer,” playwright David Mamet successfully turned Piven’s dramatic performance into a comedic one.

Laughs and all, Slashimi is a really well-organized example of a sushi-themed video game. In spite of sushi’s street cred, it’s not a top choice for slot machine themes. Toshi Video Club by Hacksaw Gaming is one of the most recent games we examined that comes close. To put it another way, sushi has to significantly improve before it can compete with traditional slot machine themes like fruits and spicy foods. Play’n GO are pros at creating snappy minigames like Slashimi’s bonus round. Even while four free spins isn’t a lot, if you get any early Two-For-Ones, you might be in for a real treat. Akin to slathering your maki with too much wasabi.

Remember that Two-For-Ones remain sticky during free games as well, increasing the potential for a pleasant surprise. Still, Slashimi is a carefully crafted slot with a lovely atmosphere, but despite good winning potential of 5,000x the stake, it seems more like a delightful nibble than a full-blown banquet.

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